Bruges Prison: Activist starts to vomit blood

clintondeguchtMan responsible for revelation of child pornography case Zandvoort will pass away soon

Brussels, 5.6.2009

The emission of June 3rd last on the French channel BFM where the French journalist Serge Garde would have an interview with the well-known TV-presenter Karl Zéro about the detention circumstances of the Belgian activist Marcel Vervloesem in Bruges prison, was not able to happen duet o the french elections and the crash involving an air plane of the French flight company Air France.
The emission should happen next week instead.

Meanwhile, things are not going well with the Belgian activist, whom was incorrectly labeled a ‘pedophile’ by the Dutch organisation “Stop Child Porn”.
The last few nights he started to vomit blood in Bruges prison, where he has been refusing his medication and any medical treatment since 3 weeks now.
The Italian doctor Giorgio Gagliardi has made known his intention to come to Belgium as soon as possible, as the dehydration and the dark brown discoloration of Marcel Vervloesem’s skin indicates that he may die over the next few days.

The Belgian minister of Justice Stefaan De Clerck informed the lawyer of Marcel Vervloesem over a month ago by letter that he would order an investigation to be done by the ‘Central Commission of Supervison within prisons’ into the inhuman detention circumstances of Marcel Vervloesem.
Nothing further was heard or seen of the minister, the investigation simply did not happen.

Minister De Clerck and the colleagues of his cabinet received another mail regarding this situation yesterday. Even an Open Letter was delivered at the cabinet, but the minister does not react anymore since his (first and maybe last) 'answer' of 30 April 2009. His adjunct-spokeswoman Lieselot Bleyenberg, announced to the French journalist Serge Garde last week in a Flemish dialect 'Sir, we do not communicate about mister Vervloesem'.
Serge Garde who wrote a book about the child pronography case Zandvoort, is currently putting together a TV-coverage about this case, for which he wanted to interview the Belgian minister.

Minister De Clerck will receive a fax and a registered letter today, in which he will be requested to urgently find a solution for the case Vervloesem. It could be a matter of a few days after all.

It is incomprehensible that the Minister who went and complained with the Dutch government about his overpopulated prisons and who wants to let hundreds of Belgian prisoners be locked up in the prison of Tilburg, is prepared to let very ill people like Marcel Vervloesem die in prison.
De Clerck writes about a ‘human and fair justice’ on his website, continuously talks about it in his ‘reformation policy’ and his 'Masterplan 2008-2012 for a prison structure in hcircumstances', however it is clear that his words do not conform with reality.
Does the Minister want to cover up the child pornography case Zandvoort and the disappearance of exempting pieces out of the court files of Marcel Vervloesem from the office of the public prosecutor in Turnhout, as well as the disappearance of the child pornography cd-roms regarding Zandvoort at the Court of Appeal in Antwerp?
Is he being put under pressure by the magistrature in Belgium, which is mainly controlled by the Christian-Democratic party (just think of the Fortis affair)?
One can only guess… What is happening here sounds unreal, especially for a Christian-Democratic constitutional state which is placed in the heart of Europe.

One should not forget that the Flemish Christian-Democrats, which have been in pozer politically for years now and even keep their power now without actually being seated in the government, have been conducting a hush-hush policy and have a tradition of conquering the hearts of the voters by sweet-talking and hypocritical statements.
They haven’t really cared about social values, despite having talked a lot about it since the start of Belgium’s existence.
The flemish Christian-Democratic Party is actually more an economical and financial lobby (even at European level) in which corruption is rife.


Here’s a list of emergency admittances and operations of Marcel Vervloesem

1) malicious cancer - St H. Hart Lier - 2 times
2) kidneys - 5 times - Sint Elisabeth Herentals
3) pancreas - 2 times - 1x in H Hart Lier, 1x in UIA Antwerp
4) intensive care pancreatitis 2 - H. Hart Lier - Sint Elisabeth Herentals
5) intensive care pancreatitis 1 - UIA ziekenhuis Antwerp
6) intensive surgery, Fabiola hospital Sambre Ville - St Elisabeth Herentals - 11 times
7) blockage of the kidneys - Gasthuisberg hospital Leuven - 2 times
8) disfunctions of the heart, operations AZ Imelda Hospital Bonheiden - 3 times
9) intensive care, diabetic blockage - H. Hartziekenhuis Lier - 4 times
10) kidney blockage - H. Hartziekenhuis Lier - once
11) heart operation - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - once
12) kidney dialysis - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - 5 times
13) internal bleeding - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - once
14) operation - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - once
15) surgical placement of kidney dialysis tubes - AZ Sint Jan Brugge - once
16) intensive emergency care, cardiography - Sint Elisabeth Turnhout - once
17) intensive emergency care, leucemia - Sint Elisabeth Turnhout - once
18) intensieve emergency care, insuline coma - Sint Elisabeth Ziekenhuis Herentals - once
19) heart operation - AZ Sint-Jan Brugge
20) since 3 weeks he should again urgently have been admitted to the AZ Sint Jan Brugge, because of new heart problems due to a lack of medication and inadequate treatment, however exactly 1 day before he would be admitted, the director of prison came with a negative report wherein was stated that, amongst other things, his requests had been denied…

Photo: The Belgian minister of External Affairs Karel De Gucht, met the American State- Secretary Hillary Clinton in March 2009. Belgium is seated along with the US in the VN-Human Rights Council after De Gucht said he was prepared, along with other European countries, to ‘take on’ Guantanamo-prisoners.


Do not hesitate to send Marcel Vervloesem a postcard, as it will releif him to know that his life was not shortened in vain:
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