Pedophilia: Marcel Vervloesem is back home


Marcel Vervloesem was for 3 weeks in the hospital as a result of severe burns. He is now back home. 

The accident was the result of other health problems (heart, kidney, diabetes,) 
Doctors say he could have been death  when he lost consciousness.
Belgian justice remains to cover up the Zandvoort child pornography case and wants to prosecute Vervloesem until he dies.  Belgian corrupt politicians support this policy.


Child abusers still protected by Belgian government

The File of Shame 1/2 (le Fichier de la Honte... door Jane Burgermeister

The File of Shame 2/2 (le Fichier de la Honte... door Jane Burgermeister

The world is full of hypocrites 

On the one hand they say they fight child abuse.
On the other hand they do everything to protect their friends...


Belgian justice and politicians have decided to prosecute and lock up activist Marcel Vervloesem again. More than 10 years ago, Marcel Vervloesem revealed the Zandvoort child porn case.

As happened in 1998, the complaint against Vervloesem was organized by his half-brother Victor and was combined with a campaign of terror and death threats against his daughter and his 15 -year-old granddaughter. That lasted for months.

The authorities closed at the same time all the blogs of the Group Morkhoven for months
It was a combined and very well-planned action.

The complaints of Marcel Vervloesem and his daughter which was even the victim of an attempted assassination, were never investigated.

The Group Morkhoven has the impression that Prime Minister Di Rupo, the Interior Minister J. Milquet and Justice Minister A. Turtelboom are blocking the investigation.

The police and judiciary inspections did nothing.

Some days ago, Jan Boeykens, president of the Morkhoven Group, wrote Minister Milquet and the chief of the Federal Police: they don't answer.

Marcel Vervloesem is banned since 2006 to talk the press which was covering up the Zandvoort case but some journalists have still some questions.

He is still banned to see the other members of the direction board od the Morkhoven Group who visited him during two years,  every week, in prison.
He can not work for organizations combating child abuse and should not travel abroad.

Over 130 days, there are elections in Belgium and the Morkhoven Group decided to start long-term actions again.


Zandvoort case: Marcel Vervloesem has been released

Marcel_nieuwsblad_001.jpgBrussels, May 18, 2012
Dear friends,
Subject: Marcel has been released at last
On Wednesday, May 16, 2012, after five months in custody, Marcel has been released and was able to return home. They brought him back home in a small van.
As usual, the news was released by the news agency Belga (Belgian State) and has been copied without any comment by the newspapers under the title 'Marcel Vervloesem free under conditions'.
But these conditions are the same conditions that had been previously imposed on him, with one small difference: the police of the city of Turnhout  has to control from now on that he'll have no contact with our association or with the Flemish actor Jo Reymen, nor with the Foundation of princesses of Croÿ and Lancellotti.  
This is completely ridiculous. Why prevent him from having contact with his best friends and the association that he has founded ?
Marcel is also banned from having any contact with associations that fight child abuse, and he's not allowed to talk the press, nor to travel abroad. 
The decision to release Marcel came after a meeting of the court of Turnhout where Marcel's lawyer pleaded for half an hour and where Marcel, for the first time since his arrest, was allowed to talk himself.
The judges claimed they knew nothing of the judgment of the court for the Enforcement of Sentences of Antwerp in February, that had already declared Marcel innocent, on the grounds on the results of the the judicial inquiry.  These judges are the same judges who have been persecuting Marcel for 11 years for his work in the  Zandvoort case, a network of child abuse with almost 90.000 identified victims.
The Minister of Belgian Justice, Anne-Marie Turtelboom (Open VLD, the Flemish Liberals), was being kept informed for 5 months about Marcel's case and everything that happened in the prison of Turnhout where there are so many prisoners (210 instead of the 120 for which it has been built), that some inmates are forced to sleep on mattresses on the floor.
Her ministry has responded only once to our letters. This was after our complaint about the theft of our leaflets and material before the ministry of Justice where the minister has her office.
Turtelboom didn't respond to our complaint that the letters of Marcel (even those of his daughter and his granddaughter) were being withheld for several months while this was in violation of the basic law and the rights of prisoners. 
And as we know, the minister and her services even allowed that Marcel was locked-up with a mental patient in the same cell for a week, what was one of the reasons for Marcel's heart problems and infections for which he had to be urgently hospitalized in the emergency room of St. Elizabeth Hospital in Turnhout. 
There, for five days, Marcel was chained to his hospital bed. 
Marcel is a cancer patient, has a kidney and heart disease and is seriously diabetic.
This proves once again that Turtelboom doesn't have any respect for human rights and sees people who are being held in custody without any justified reason, as convicted criminals.
And then there was the whole story about the psychiatric report of V., the man who accused Marcel. 
The  judges of the Council Chamber of the court of Turnhout used this report as a pretext to keep Marcel for 5 months in prison. 
The purpose of this report was also to give V. the status of  'a credible victim', and to convict Marcel once again. 
Minister Turtelboom was being kept informed by us for months in this case, but she never replied.
The Minister who preaches an 'impartial judiciary', appointed the Turnhout prosecutor Jan Poels as her chief of staff ...
A few months ago, our association sent important documents of the Zandvoort file to Turtelboom. 
The content of these documents is directly related to the abuse and rape of children in the kindergartens in Amsterdam, for which Robert M., called the 'Monster of Riga', has been prosecuted, as if he was the only actor of these crimes.
But Turtelboom didn't respond to the demand of our association to send this information to her Dutch colleague.
A few days ago, I complained to the Federal Prosecutor in Brussels about the many irregularities in the prosecution of Marcel in Turnhout.
The federal prosecutor responded first with the brief statement, that there was 'no indication that the email had been really sent by me'.
Then I sent the Federal Prosecutor some more information about the falsification of the psychiatric report in which V. was portrayed as a "good boy" while the psychologist knew that V. has a criminal record in the Youth Court of Turnhout.
The federal prosecutor then told me that my letter had been forwarded to the Attorney General of Antwerp to whom he invited me to transfer all my further information in this case.
Jan Boeykens, president of the Morkhoven Group
PS. You can publish this letter where-ever you want.
Help with translation: Eheu


Child abuse: The truth about the Zandvoort case

Julie en Mélissa.jpg

Réunion Publique de Laurent Louis - Dimanche 6 Mai 2012 - 15:00

Kapellelaan 85, 1860 Meise

Message de Laurent Louis sur Facebook - 27 Avril 2012:

"Je sais que vous êtes nombreux à vouloir bouger et mener des actions concrètes pour plus d'éthique et de justice dans notre pays. C'est pour cela que je vous invite à une réunion très importante le dimanche 6 mai 2012 à 15h à 1860 Meise, Kapellelaan, 85. Je prononcerai un discours et ensuite nous pourrons tous faire connaissance et programmer nos actions futures. La Belgique a besoin d'hommes et de femmes courageux, soyez ceux qui libèreront le pays des corrompus et des criminels. Ne l'oubliez pas, ensemble, tout devient possible ! Je compte sur vous pour être présents en nombre ! Faites passer le message. Merci d'avance."

"Chers amis, même si les sites du MLD sont toujours censurés, il vous est toujours possible de rejoindre le Mouvement et de devenir membre. Pour ce faire, rien de plus simple ! Il vous suffit de verser votre cotisation sur le compte BE12 0016 3766 9992 avec la mention "Cotisation membre MLD". Je vous demanderais en plus de m'envoyer un mail sur laurent.louis@live.be avec vos coordonnées complètes. La cotisation est de 20 euros et de 12 euros pour les moins de 35 ans. J'ai besoin de vous afin de changer ce pouvoir corrompu en Belgique. Soyez les élus de demain !"



Photo: Julie et Mélissa (affaire Dutroux). Le rapport d'autopsie remet en question la version officielle que les filles sont morts de faim et de soif...


La Vérité autour l'affaire Zandvoort

Bruxelles, 6.5.2012 - On a  fermé le site Web 'Droit Fondamental' de princesse J. de Croÿ.

Sur Google tous les liens et toute l'information autour de l'affaire Zandvoort, les réseaux pédocriminels, le procès contre Marcel Vervloesem, les tortures dans les prisons (et celle de Marcel Vervloesem) ... ont été bloqués.

La princesse a conmencé à créer un nouveau site Web.

La nouvelle adresse est: http://fondationprincessedecroy.morkhoven.org/ (si elle n'est pas déjà désactivé par les services de la Justice belges qui utilisent tous les moyens pour enlever le Werkgroep Morkhoven et la Fondation de l'internet et qui ont décidé de censurer toutes les informations). C'est pour cette raison que les comptes du Werkgroep Morkhoven et de la Fondation sur Facebook, ont été régulièrement fermé.

Il y a plusieurs années, que les criminels qui ont accusé Marcel Vervloesem de 'viol', ont rédigé une petite pétition dans laquelle ils ont demandé de chasser Marcel Vervloesem de son logement social et même que le Werkgroep Morkhoven serait supprimé de l'Internet.  La pétition qui était signé par eux-mêmes, venait sur  l'ordre du jour politique de la ville d'Herentals où le maire Jan Peeters (Parti social-démocrate, membre du Parlement, ancien ministre) acceptait la proposition.  Il envoyait le demande d'expulser le Werkgroep Morkhoven de l'internet au service juridique de la municipalité. Il y a deux ans que Marcel Vervloesem a eté chassé de sa maison.  Même les gens (et leurs mère de 80 ans, gravement malade) qui avaient soutenu le Werkgroep Morkhoven étaient chassé de leur maison après une nouvelle pétition minable qui était transmit au direction de l'entrepise des maisons sociales 'Geelse Bouwmaatschappij'.

L'homme qui organisait les plaintes contre Marcel Vervloesem en 1998 par des rumeurs dans les médias, habite dans le même quartier de Marcel Vervloesem et la famille.  Il est membre du Parti social-démocrate; il connaît le maire personnellement; il fait partie pendant déjà 20 ans du direction du geelse Bouwmaatschappij; il y a quelques années qu'il était nommé comme membre de direction du Centre sociale d'Herentals; puis il a été 'élu' avec 100 voix comme conseiller municipal d'Herentals; il était élu comme président de la Commission de la Sécurité et de la Police d'Herentals et il représente la commune dans deux intercommunales.

Il est remarquable que cet homme ne sait presque pas écrire. Il écrit phonétiquement sans des virgules et des points. Il est donc clair qu'il y a de la corruption politique dans cette affaire.

Mais il y a aussi une autre chose. L'homme qui est homosexuel (le Werkgroep Morkhoven ne veut pas condamner les homosexuels), a 30 procès-verbaux en raison des délits sexuels avec des jeunes garçons qui n'étaient jamais enquêtés par la Justice tandis qu'il y a 4 années que la Justice belge a interdit Marcel Vervloesem de contacter la presse.  Pendants des années, la presse belge lui a permis d'accuser Marcel Vervloesem de la 'pédophilie'. Et l'homme a organisé ses plaintes au moment que la presse internationale, y compris les trois journaux japonais les plus grands, rapportaient de l'affaire Zandvoort.

Marcel Vervloesem qui est gravement malade et est justement revenu d'un admission d'urgence à l'hôpital, se trouve pendant 4 pois en 'préventive' dans la prison de Turnhout qui est si surpeuplée qu'un part des prisonniers doit dormir sur de matelats au sol.  L'enquête judiciaire prouvait qu'il est innocent et le tribunal d'Exuecution de la Peine d'Anvers plaidait pour sa libération mais les juges du Chambre de la Conseil de Turnhout qui l'ont oursuivi pendant 11 ans pour étouffer l'affaire Zandvoort le gardent en prison.

Le Werkgroep Morkhoven pense que l'enfermement de Marcel Vervloesem dans des conditions inhumains est le résultat de la crainte des autorités belges et hollandaises.  Il y a quelques mois que le procès autour les abus des enfants dans les crèches d'Amsterdam a été commencé.  L'affaire Zandvoort est liée à cette affaire et les abus des enfants à Amsterdam étaient à prévenir si la Justice aurait fait son travail.

Il y a quelques semaines que le Werkgroep demandait au ministre de la justice belge, A. Turtelboom (VLD, Parti Libérale) de transmettre les documents de l'affaire Zandvoort qui parlent de l'affaire à Amsterdam, au ministre de la justice hollandais.  Mais le ministre ne répondait pas.  Robert M., nommé le 'Monstre de Riga, qui (comme arc Dutroux) est présenté comme un 'prédateur isolé' a été rapidement condamné à date de 6 avril 2012. Mais il est condamné sur un dossier incomplet et le réseau des abuseurs des enfants reste exister.



They closed down the website 'Droit Fondamental' (Fundamental Rights) of princess J. of Croÿ.

All the links on Google and all the information on this website around the Zandvoort case, pedophile networks, the lawsuit against Marcel Vervloesem, torture in prisons etc ... have been blocked.

The princess is busy now creating a new website.

The new address is: http://fondationprincessedecroy.morkhoven.org/ (if the link is not disabled by the services of the Belgian Justice department which use any means to remove the Werkgroep Morkhoven and the Foundation of the Internet and have decided to censor all their information.. 

It is for this reason that in the past also the accounts of Werkgroep Morkhoven and the Foundation of the princess on Facebook, were regularly closed down)..

Several years ago, the criminals who accused the anti-childporn-activist Marcel Vervloesem of 'rape', wrote a small petition in which they asked to hunt Marcel Vervloesem out of his social housing home.. They asked even to remove the Werkgroep Morkhoven from the Internet. 
The petition was signed only by themselves, was then discussed in the meetings of municipal council of the city, and finally the mayor of Herentals, Jan Peeters (Social Democratic Party, member of Parliament, former Minister), accepted the proposal. 
He sent the request to expel the Werkgroep Morkhoven from the Internet to the Service of Legal Affairst of the municipality. 

Two years ago, Marcel Vervloesem was driven out of his home. Even a family (and their  80 years old mother who was seriously ill) which had supported the Werkgroep Morkhoven, was driven out of their homes as a result of an other petition made by these criminals which was forwarded to the director of the  social housing company 'Geelse Bouwmaatschappij' which is subsidized by the Belgian government.

V., the man who organized the complaints against Marcel Vervloesem in 1998 by spreading all kinds of rumors in the media, lives in the same neighborhood as Marcel Vervloesem and the above-mentioned family. 
He is a member of the Social Democratic Party; he knows the mayor personally; and he has been a member for 20 years already of the direction-board of the Geelse Bouwmaatschappij. A few years ago he was appointed  a member of the Centre for Social Affairs of the city of Herentals; then he was 'elected' with 100 votes as a councelor of Herentals; and finally he was elected as Chairman of the Committee on Security and Police of Herentals and therefore he represents the city in two intermunicipal election campaigns.

It is a remarkable fact that V. can hardly write. He writes phonetically without using any commas and full-stops. 
So it is therefore clear that what we have here is a case of political corruption.

But there is something more. 
There are about 30 police reports on V. - who is gay (Werkgroep Morkhoven does not condemn homosexuals in any way though)- because of sexual offenses against young boys. These reports have never been investigated by the legal authorities.. 
For 14 years already, the Belgian press is allowing V. to accuse Marcel Vervloesem of 'pedophilia' without any evidence, while four years ago, Belgian justice authorities decided in a court-case, to ban Marcel Vervloesem from speaking with the press
That is very strange.

It is also remarkable that V. accused Marcel Vervloesem just at the time when the international press, including the three largest Japanese newspapers, were reporting about the Zandvoort case because this case proved for the first time that international pedo-criminal networks  really exist, while this fact is still denied today by the Belgian government that is still traumatized by the Dutroux case.

In the Zandvoort file there is also a picture of a well-known French youth magistrate abusing a young boy.  This magistrate has good contacts with some members of the French government. And it was Georges Zicot, the police inspector who was accused in the Dutroux case, who claimed in a fax that the magistrate 'was not a magistrate but a man from the criminal nightclub-circles of Charleroi' (which is wrong)..
Is there a link between de Dutroux case and the Zandvoort case ?

Marcel Vervloesem, who is seriously ill (cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes) has just come back from the intensive care  of the hospital of Turnhout , where he spent 5 days, all the while being  tied to his bed with an iron chain,
He now is back again in the prison of Turnhout, which is so overcrowded (210 prisoners while the prison is made for just 120 prisoners) that many prisoners have to sleep on mattresses on the ground.  He is also being harassed again, because the direction of the prison has restarted to block his letters.
He has been held now  for almost 5 months in custody, although the judicial investigation showed that he is innocent and the Antwerp Parole-court pleaded for his release. 
Remarkable: The judges of the criminal court of Turnhout who are keeping him behind  bars are the same judges who have been persecuting him during these last 11 years in order to cover-up the Zandvoort case.  
The Minister of Belgian Justice, A. Turtelboom (VLD, Liberal Party), who preaches 'a legal system without even a glimps of partiality', has been repeatedly informed about the partiality of just these judges. 

The Morkhoven group 
presumes that Marcel Vervloesem's confinement in inhumane conditions is the result of the fear of the Belgian and Dutch authorities. 
A few months ago began the trial about the abuse of children in kindergarten-schools in Amsterdam. The Zandvoort case is related to this case and the abuse of these children in Amsterdam could have been prevented if the Justice authorities had done their job.

A few weeks ago, the Morkhoven Group asked the Minister of Justice to forward the documents of the Zandvoort case that talk about the Amsterdam case, to the Dutch Minister of Justice. 
But the Minister didn't answer our letter.. 
Robert M., called the 'Monster of Riga' in the tabloids, who (as Marc Dutroux was) is presented all the time as an 'isolated predator ', has in the mean-time been rapidly sentenced on April 6th, 2012. But he has been sentenced on an incomplete file, which means the network of child molesters he was part of still exists and continues its crimes...

Photo: Marcel Vervloesem, Princess of Croÿ and Jan Boeykens of Werkgroep Morkhoven  Translation: Eheu


Zandvoort childporn case: Invitation to the Belgian government to murder us

zandvoortfotos.jpgZandvoort childporn case...

The more the Belgian government is covering up the Zandvoort childporn case, the more we will speak about it.

I invite them to murder us, as they did with Gina Bermaer-Pardaens, the journalist who worked together with Marcel Vervloesem about the disappearance of the German boy Manuel Schadwald.

Jan Boeykens, president of the Morkhoven group


Werkgroep Morkhoven

Kom op voor Marcel Vervloesem !
Libérez Marcel Vervloesem !
Liberate Marcel Vervloesem!
Interview Marcel Vervloesem 11-3-2012 Onthullend!
Interview Marcel Vervloesem vanuit gevangenis Turnhout (26.2.2012)
Interview de Marcel Vervloesem en prison (26.2.2012)
Intervista a Marcel Vervloesem dal carcere di Turnhout 26 2 2012 KlolonlineTV .avi
Sign/Signez/Teken :
vzw Werkgroep Morkhoven
Droit Fondamental

Sign up for Twitter to follow INTERPOL-ICPO (@INTERPOL_ICPO). INTERPOL – the International Criminal Police Organization – assists law enforcement agencies in its 188 member countries to fight transnational crime.
Ecrivez/Write/Scrivere/Schrijf Marcel Vervloesem: Gevangenis Turnhout, tav. Marcel Vervloesem, Cel 139, Wezenstraat 1, 2300 Turnhout (Belgique, Belgium, Belgio, België) 


Zandvoort childporn case: Why is it covered up ?

Mandela_on_Israeli_apartheid.jpgZandvoort childporn case...

Why Marcel Vervloesem, who revealed the Zandvoort child porn case (90.000 victims), is locked up in prison again ? Why Justice and tabloids prosecuted him during 11 years ? Why he has since four years a ban to talk the press ? Why he has a ban to meet his friends of the association Werkgroep Morkhoven who visited him during 2 years every week in prison ? Why he has a ban to talk with members of the parliament and the european parliament ? Why the exculpatory documents disappeared from his judicial file ? Why the Zandvoort case was covered up ? Why is he threatened with a prison sentence of 2 years when he publishes his book ? Why he had a ban to travel anymore ? Why he has a ban to partipate to organisations fighting child abuse ? Why the minister of Belgian justice who wants magistrates without partiality, keep silent ? What the Belgian government has to hide ?


Open Letter to the minister of Belgan justice Annemie Turtelboom

HELEN.THOMAS.Palestine.White House.jpgFollowing our Open Letter to the Belgian Minister of Justice concerns the detention of activist Marcel Vervloesem, well known for his fight against child pornography (Zandvoort childporn case), we had some problems with our Facebook.

In Belgium there is a cooperation contract between the Internet providers and Justice.

What about the cooperationo of Justice (and state security services) with Facebook?


Photo: Helen Thomas, an American author and former news service reporter. She was member of the White House Press Corps and defended the rights of the Palestinians.
Sometimes ago there was a group called 'Helen Thomas' on Facebook.
This group was not administered. On these group everything seemed possible. For several months some people of this group used false identities; used the identities of other Facebook members; used photos of other Facebook members for pornographic collages; published photos of massacres of Palestinians, commented in the most disgusting way. They deleted posts, comments and photos; replaced them; changed the location of the posts. They had fake accounts and continuously provoked Palestinian activists which responded all the time and whick accounts were closed after certain complaints. It was a real war. The complaints addressed to Facebook about all these things remained untreated. At a given moment we found out that the group was hacked by the so called Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) which has close contacts with the far right political party of Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli minister of Foreign Affairs who was talking about the ethnic cleansing of Israel and promoted the bombing of Iran.
After months of struggle, the group was closed by Facebook.


20.000 children sexually abused by 800 Roman Catholic priests in Holland

It is clear that the Catholic Church, even at the highest level, is involved in child abuse.
One may wonder why in Belgium there exists a special committee to handle these cases within the Catholic church discreetly while ordinary people who are accused of pedophilia, are immediately imprisoned, even if there is insufficient evidence of sexual abuse and even if the allegations are intended to hide massive child abuse. 

It is also strange that all the court records about sexual abuse were given back to the ecclesiastical authorities , because of 'procedural errors'.  They only speak about a financial compensation.  This may be because in Belgium there is still a close link between the Catholic Church and the Christian Democratic Party which is very powerful and protects child abusers.

There is also much hypocrisy under politicians, politically appointed judges and the government-subsidized (government controlled) press.   For months, politicians of some political parties were talking about 'child abuse within the church' while they themselves or members of their political parti are involved in child abuse.  During years politicians, corrupted judges and press accused Marcel Vervloesem of the association Werkgroep Morkhoven from child abuse while these accusations were purely used to cover up the Zandvoort childporn case (90.000 victims).

Phedophelia - 20,000 children sexually abused by 800 Roman Catholic priests in Holland