Demmink case: U.S. Embassy misleads...


'U.S. Embassy misleads State Department on Demmink'

The persistent allegations of child abuse to the address of the Dutch Secretary-General for Justice, Mr. Joris Demmink, right?

Who can tell? The fact is that from official frantically continues to spread disinformation about. We have already talked about the constantly repeated untruth that would have been determined that Demmink not in Turkey at the time of the abuse of which he is accused. That is a distortion of the fact that in the course of an investigation - which anyway is controversial because Demmink just stayed in office - it failed to find evidence of his presence.

Of error and misinformation games
But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. That even though a former Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin in Netherlands Fri themselves guilty of these transparent deception, gives food for thought. It seems that now the U.S. Embassy is drawn into such games of error and misinformation. According to a news report yesterday by WND, the embassy Demmink informed about its government. Undoubtedly following the hearing in Congress on 4 October. In the relevant email states that for Demminks debt never "conclusive evidence" is provided, despite repeated accusations. At an official level, is that right, but the point is precisely that this official level on points about the case demonstrable untruth speaks. "In fact", the embassy, ??"that a gay and a tabloid newspaper that the allegations were published by order of the court in 2003 had to rectify their stories."

Messages about Demmink in 2003 not corrected
Well, from a certain point you can muster admiration for that formulation. In itself there namely no flaw in that. Yet, as presented here in this context, it is downright misleading. Indeed had Gaykrant and Panorama in 2003 to rectify. But not because Demmink or because the Ministry of Justice. Who have never litigated against the blades and could therefore on that basis not enforce rectification.Whoever did it, was dean Van der Valk, also as a visitor to the Anne Frank parking facilities in Eindhoven in the news had arrived. What exactly happened to the allegation was true, is unclear. In any case it is Gaykrant and Panorama failed this with hard evidence to sustain. That message is corrected. But not the allegations against the 'top official'. Who are not on that occasion by order of the court corrected.That is of course the interpretation that arises through the suggestive way the American embassy information serving.

Sand in eyes
At the point in question, namely whether the accusations against Demmink then by a Dutch court are reviewed, will once again demonstrate deception place. This time by the U.S. government, for a change. The State Department, the U.S. Department of State, however, must by its own embassy no sand in the eyes let straw. And the U.S. Congress not by the State Department.


Photo: American Embassy in Beirut