Zandvoort childporn case: Why is it covered up ?

Mandela_on_Israeli_apartheid.jpgZandvoort childporn case...

Why Marcel Vervloesem, who revealed the Zandvoort child porn case (90.000 victims), is locked up in prison again ? Why Justice and tabloids prosecuted him during 11 years ? Why he has since four years a ban to talk the press ? Why he has a ban to meet his friends of the association Werkgroep Morkhoven who visited him during 2 years every week in prison ? Why he has a ban to talk with members of the parliament and the european parliament ? Why the exculpatory documents disappeared from his judicial file ? Why the Zandvoort case was covered up ? Why is he threatened with a prison sentence of 2 years when he publishes his book ? Why he had a ban to travel anymore ? Why he has a ban to partipate to organisations fighting child abuse ? Why the minister of Belgian justice who wants magistrates without partiality, keep silent ? What the Belgian government has to hide ?

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