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Brussels, June 2, 2009

Serge Garde on line, interviewed by Karl Zero
Wednesday June 3 - 22:10 GTM
BFM, continuous information chanel accessible on http://www.bfmtv.fr/

Serge Garde, author of the Book of Shame on the French branch of the paedocriminal network Zandvoort, will speak of treatment of Marcel Vervloesem, who has discovered the file of 90.000 victims of abuse. Stefaan De Clerck, Minister for Justice, refuses to answer the press about the man who exposes for 21 years, the corruption that covers organized paedocriminality.
Paul Van Buitenen, member of the EU Parliament, will meet Marcel Vervloesem in the prison today. He wishes to get informed about the situation of this man, condemned for crimes which he is recognized physically unable to execute, to a sentence that his health condition would not allow him to survive.
Marcel Vervloesem refuses to be hospitalized without protection of an electronic bracelet, to be shackled to a hospital bed and brought back in prison as soon as the doctors foresee a chance of survival. The Ministry for Justice has granted electronic bracelets to two members of Vlaams Belang, extreme Belgian right wing, at the first day of their imprisonment, in priority to a prisoner of which the defect of health care has led him to 6 major surgeries.
Serge Garde will be interviewed by Karl Zéro, famous French television reporter, who also was confronted to the traps aiming to eliminate those who embarrasses.
In 2003, Karl Zéro had been presenting for ten years the "Real Journal" for television "Canal +", in the objective to say out loud what the other TV news are hiding. On Sunday May 18, of that year, the former mayor of Toulouse revealed on one of the main television channels, that his name was quoted in a "frightening machination". In a few days, two prostitutes confirmed the corruptions of the police force, seasoned disordered inclinations of the former mayor and a magistrate, which a serial killer, Patrice Alègre, showed to have financed two murders.
The media were going wild vis-à-vis the accusations, which had only been heard by the statements of these senior civil servants. The magistrate was replaced shortly after his own.

The real machination appears when the prison authorities granted Patrice Alègre, a right of visit of a journalist close to Karl Zéro, in a way that the killer could confirm his accusations in writing. The scandal was boiling since two weeks, when on June 1, 2003, Karl Zéro read this letter which was given to him by his fellow-member, in the "Real Journal", after authorisation of the television direction. The lawyers of the killer then made a press conference, to reveal the names that Karl Zéro had taken care to occult. The newspaper "Monde" exposed the names of theses senior civil servants who had already exposed themselves. The killer retracted his declarations on June 19. He then ensured that Karl Zéro, would have promised him 15.000 euros for this letter, which had no sense, since Karl Zéro could have free of charge, the material proofs supported by judicial documents, showing a underpants-less French magistrate in the Zandvoort file.

The "frightening machination" will eliminate the Gendarme Roussel, who had noted 191 disappearances and murders covered-up in suicides in the area of Toulouse, the "Real Journal" and poisoned Karl Zéro's life. He now presents the BFM 22.10 news with an extraordinary talent, and is naturally interested in all these "frightening machinations".

By Jacqueline de Croÿ


Discover what does the Belgian media hide on the Vervloesem case
Wednesday, June 3 – 22h10 GTM

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