Morkhoven: letter to governments and members of parliament

Morkhoven: letter to governments and members of parliament


Morkhoven, April 11th 1999

Excellenties, Honorable members of parliament and government

Re.: The disappearance, sexual molestation and torture of children

Hereby enclosed, you will find a few photographs, of which the horrible images speak for themselves.
These are only a few of thousands of photos we found on the internet after the scandal of childpornography in Zandvoort (NL).
On the internet, you can find tens of thousands of children being tortured and/ or sexually molested, while the public authorities don't take enough action to trace and punish the organisers and executioners of these horrendous crimes.
As a result of this, the greater part of these criminals get non-restricted opportunities to continue their degrading and destructive work.
The numerous victims, however, are scarred for life, or are forced to function in a prostitution network from a very early age.
Some victims don't survive the years of mental and physical abuse.
It is remarkable that the persons and/or groups who fight against the sexual exploitation and torture of children, don't receive the necessary support from their government. In 1997, for example, magistrats of the court of justice in Dendermonde (where there was a investigation about the so-called Belgian Temse-network) used other people's criminal records in order to be able to convict Marcel Vervloesem, investigator of Werkgroep Morkhoven.
In doing this, this court of justice wanted to bring all actions and investigations by Werkgroep Morkhoven concerning international childpornography networks, to an end.

We do not wish to abandon our believe in- and hope for a better world for the children as mentioned above.
Therefore, may we request of you any measures necessary to put an end to the childpornography trade, of which these pictures testify, on the internet, as well as outside it ?

Looking forward to your reply, I remain,


Jan Boeykens
Verlatstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen
chairman Werkgroep Morkhoven

PS. Werkgroep Morkhoven has informed the Belgian minister of Justice by letter that the discovered childpornography material - if asked - will be handled over to the Belgian authorities for further investigation.

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Gerry's Blog/Diary Latest Update

Day 104 - 15/08/2007
It is the feast of the assumption today, which is a holiday in Portugal. This morning we attended mass, which was very busy and again many of the local community asked after Madeleine and said the word ‘force’, meaning strength.

This afternoon Kate and I did a combined interview for the Liverpool Post and the Leicester Mercury this afternoon. We said a big thank you to their readers for all their support and good wishes.

Day 103 - 14/08/2007
Relatively quiet day. This allowed me to catch up with e-mails, phone calls and some administration. No major news on any front.

The weather has been unseasonably cool over the last 2-3 days. I have had a long sleeved top on for the first time in over 2 months and it is more pleasant overnight, making sleep easier.

Day 102 - 13/08/2007
Praia da Luz is slowly returning to normal. The number of TV crews has reduced dramatically and we have been able to get back to more of our normal routine here. There is still a large media presence particularly of print journalists who are waiting, like everyone else, for the next development in the police investigation. We are still optimistic that there will be a breakthrough. In the meantime however, little has changed for Kate and I. We will not give up hope until Madeleine is found and we will not stop searching for her.

The campaign, as planned, will enter a quieter phase again. We have always envisaged that media attention focussed on Madeleine and us would quieten down and just occasionally we would try to remind people that Madeleine is still missing and that we are still looking. There cannot be many people who do not know these facts after the events of this last week. As well as the find Madeleine campaign we will be working closely with ICMEC and it is heartening to see so many visitors to the YouTube don’t you forget about me channel for missing children.

Kate and I would also like to thank the thousands of people who have sent us messages of support over the last few days. It really does help and we know that you will keep looking for Madeleine.


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